Extremely Rare and Unusal Amyntas Bronze





Indo-Greek Kingdom. Amyntas. Circa 80-65 BC. Square AE unit (6.20 gm). ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΝΟΤΣ[sic] NIKATΟPOΣ AMYNTOY, goddess Ardoksho (Tyche), draped and wearing head ornament, standing left, holding cornucopia and Persian-style crown / Maharajasa Jayadharasa Amitasa in Kharosthi script, Zebu standing right on ground line, monogram below. Apparently unpublished but cf. Bopearachchi Série 10 (Philoxenos) for approximation of types and Série 14,A and 15,A for monogram.  Excessively rare: displaying new types for Amyntas and apparently unpublished. Green-brown patina. About extremely fine


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